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Things To Do- Cape Ann Artisan Tour

Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tour
Cape Ann Artisans will hold their 26th Annual Spring Tour on Saturday and Sunday, June 20 and 21, from 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. each day. This self-guided tour presents a unique opportunity to meet thirteen professional artists and see their work in the setting in which it was created. The work represented includes jewelry, pottery, painting, sculpture, photography, mosaics, and glass beads.

The Tour is self-guided and free of charge; handicap accessibility varies by location. Brochures with route maps will be available at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, the Rockport Information Booth on Rte 127 and at each of the artisans. A bright magenta Studio Tour banner will mark each location.

For further information: tel: 978-281-3347

Kalesy’s Recycled Seatbelt Bag

At the Cape Ann Beer and Blog meet-up at Cape Ann Brewing Kalesy rolled up carrying this bag made from  seatbelts.  How bad ass is that when you think about it?  You gotta figure this thing can take a beating if it’s made from seatbelts.  After googling it I found the website of Harveys Seatbelt Bags

I love companies that embrace social media  and Harveys site is a prime example.  They actually have a Blog called SeatbeltBlog, check it out.




Cape Pond Ice would like to thank all the proud children who submitted essays and photos for the Cape Pond Ice Company 2009 “Coolest Dad Contest.” Essays from Cape Ann and all over the country came in by hand, mail and e-mail.  All of the nominated Dads clearly qualified for the award in the eyes of their child. Persuasive Coolest Dad nominations were submitted by children of all ages and generations, from age 8 to age 68. All essays and photographs uniquely presented just how “Cool” their Dad is, and our judging team was faced with challenging decisions.

Cape Pond Ice has chosen 3 Winners for 2009 “Coolest Dad”!

Carlos Lovasco (deceased) of Gloucester

Neil Matthews of Gloucester

Tom Mortillaro of Gloucester

All Three Grand Prize Winners will receive “Cape Pond Ice Coolest Guys Collection”

Carlos Lovasco Jr., nominated his “Cool Dad” Carlos who passed away 12 years ago and was a fisherman, but he would rather have been a musician. Carlos Sr. hated fishing but did it as a means to support his family.  When Carlos Jr. would ask to go out fishing with him, his Dad would always take him in hopes that his son would realize how dangerous fishing is and he wanted his son to follow his own path.  Carlos Jr. did follow his own path and did become a musician.

Lindsay Matthews nominated her “Cool Dad” Neil for always being kind, caring and involved in what she does.  But most importantly, she states, “What makes my Dad so special and important to me is the fact that he inspires me everyday to be a better person.” What most inspires me about my Dad’s hard work is that it never ends.  As a daughter I could not have ask for a better role model.

Michael Mortillaro nominated his “Cool Dad” Tom for being the glue and love that keeps me happy, healthy and most of all, never giving up!  He teaches me new things and lets me know when I need steering in the right direction. I know my Dad will always be there for me.  I can only hope to grow up to be such a caring and understanding person as my Dad is.

As the “Grand Prize” “Coolest Dads” winners, Carlos Lovasco, Neil Matthews, and Tom Mortillaro have won “Cape Pond Ice Coolest Guys Gift Collections.”

Cape Pond Ice would also like to recognize the following 2009 “Coolest Dad” submissions with Honorable Mention Awards :

Arthur Brodeur from Eastford, Connecticut nominated by his daughter Jennifer

Sane Skinner from Gloucester nominated by his sons Shawn & Cameron

Chris Funk from Rockport nominated by his daughters Veronica & Eliana

Ian Milgram from Glouceseter nominated by his daughter Eden Wilkins

Ralph Hendrickson from Florida nominated by his daughter Cynthia

Mr Cabral from Gloucester nominated by his daughter Gianna

Scott Prentiss of Rockport nominated by his son Henry (age 8)

Alan Murray of Gloucester nominated by his son Brent (age 13)

Richard Lussier of Gloucester nominated by his sons Jacques & James (ages 11 & 13)

Bill Papp of Gloucester nominated by his daughter Grace Papp

All of the 2009 “Coolest Dads” will receive a Cape Pond Ice Gift Certificate!  Cape Pond Ice would like to thank all who participated this year.  All of the essays submitted were wonderful and in the eyes of the children making their nominations, you all are the “COOLEST DADS AROUND!”