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GARFISH performs at the Relay for Life of Cape Ann Benefit

Just got this from Gary Hiltz-

Relay For Life of Cape Ann welcomes the return of Garfish. Cape Ann’s own classic rock band Garfish will be returning to the stage Friday June 19 from 6:45 to 8:45pm at the Gloucester High School. The band is proud to be able to donate their time for this great cause. Its really inspiring to see the dedication of all these team members who work year round to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Garfish is honored to be able to provide some upbeat music to aid and entertain the walkers in this 18 hour event.

Art Haven Childrens Pirate Parade For The Block Party

from Dawn Gadow-


GLOUCESTER, MA—Cape Ann Art Haven needs a crew: A pirate crew.

To go along with this weekend’s downtown block party, Art Haven will be offering kids the opportunity to become a pirate, eye patch and all. From 5:00-7:00 the Art Haven staff will be in the Main Street studio with supplies to help kids make their own eye patch, sword and bandanna. They’ll also have the opportunity to join the rest of the crew in creating a pirate mural on a real ship sail.

Following a time of artwork and creativity, students will then have their own pirate parade down Main Street at 7:00 to show off their new outfits. This event is free and open to the public; anyone is welcome to join in.

While at the Art Haven studio, children will have a final chance to register for summer programs starting on June 29, including Mural Painting and Darkroom Photography classes.  For more information about Art Haven’s summer programs, visit or call 978-283-3888

“Buona Fiesta from the Other Side”

First published in the Gloucester Daily Times in 2007

Buona Fiesta!  Ten years ago my involvement with St. Peter’s Fiesta was maybe walking through the carnival on Friday night, avoiding the traffic on Rogers St., and spending time far away from the downtown area. As a non- Italian, non-Catholic, the Fiesta was not a big part of my own childhood or adult life. I didn’t attend Mass unless it was for a wedding or funeral. I didn’t understand the Novena. There was no craving for a huge sausage sandwich. I didn’t get it!

But then around 1998, I’m not sure how it happened, but I got it. I wanted to capture some of the festivities as a photographer. Little did I know this would transform me into an honorary Italian. At first I felt like an outsider looking in on foreign traditions and cultures.  I think that year I just took photos of the parade on Sunday and the greasy pole.

I remember exactly when I got it, though. I was waiting for the parade standing under the arch of balloons outside the St. Peter’s Club when it was on Main St. The street was packed with hundreds of people. The statue of St. Peter was hoisted high into the air as the red and green balloons were released. Confetti was tossed from the roofs of the nearby buildings. Band music filled the air as someone called “Come siamo tutti muti?” and the crowd responded with “Viva San Pietro!”  The emotion and passion were overwhelming. I fought back the tears. And from that time on, I knew that even though I had no Italian relatives, I was Italian at heart.

In the years that have followed, I’ve had the honor and privilege of photographing all the Fiesta events. From seine boat practices, the Novena, the St. Peter’s Committee Reception, opening night, all the boat races, the greasy pole contests, the kids’ games,  the parade, Sunday Mass, the Blessing of the Fleet, the walk through the Fort, and everything in between, I have met the most amazing people.

Of course, there’s Joe Novello, but there’s also his new baby granddaughter, Sofia Rose, Tim Oakes, seine boat scuttler, and his four girls, Joey Palmisano who organizes the kids’ games on Saturday, Santo and Lea Militello celebrating over 50 years of marriage, little Marissa Numerosi, Sara Favazza, who loves to have her photo taken, Joe Frontiero, Joe Marino, Lenny Biondo, Lenny Billante, the names go on and on and they’re all part of the history of Fiesta.

I’ve felt the elation of the Morrisseys, Phil Francis, and Tim Oakes, the love between Joe Balbo and his son, the disappointment in the eyes of Gina Lampassi, the pride in Tony Testaverde as he carried the statue for barely a minute on Sunday, the sadness of those who have lost loved ones this year, my own sadness in losing my best friend, Tony Barbara, and the kindness of the crowd down the fort as they stuffed dollar bills into the jar to help J.J.

If I hadn’t gotten it, I would have missed out on this incredible opportunity to meet these wonderful people and experience the passion, joy, and love that is St. Peter’s Fiesta.

Viva San Pietro! And where’s Ambie with my sausage?


Automatic Gillnet Seetting Machine On Mike Leary’s Lori B

This highly innovative gillnet setting machine aboard the Lori B saves the work of two men.  It is built on a frame with rollers and a swivel so it can redirect the nets from pens on either side of the boat.   There is also a safety feature in which bungee cords will allow tension to save your arm from getting sucked into the machine if you get hung up on the net.

Video demonstration at 8AM

Gloucester At Dawn, 4:45AM Good Harbor Beach 6/09/09

Here are the final pics from that glorious morning last week

How many of you get up in time to enjoy sunrises like this?
A cup of coffee, and this………….
The Last One