The First Ever Cape Ann Blogapalooza

With a little over 24 hours total planning we got about 20 or so of Cape Ann’s Blogging community together for a meeting of the minds and to enjoy each other’s company.  The Cape Ann Online community was well represented.  We live video blogged from Cape Ann Brewing Company, had a cake for Sharon’s 60th Birthday and enjoyed a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday from Alexander Thompson and Gardy.  What were the words to that song again?  All I know is it ended with “DEATH”

Fun was had by all. I’d love to make Cape Ann an official Chapter of the Beer and Blog group but after reading their guidelines they require a weekly meetup.  Weekly seems like a bit much for an old man like me but if there is enough interest I’d love to sign us up to be a chapter.  I’d only be able to make about one or two a month tops though.

The First Ever Cape Ann Blogapalooza, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

I’d like to thank the kind gentleman at the local supermarket who put the words on the cake for me without batting an eyelash.


Cape Ann Brewing was really a fantastic spot for the meetup with it’s long benches it allowed for a communal sharing of ideas and a free flow of people buzzing around.

I can’t believe they had their hours rolled back to an 8:30PM closing time when they were going for an actual extension to regular hours at last night’s liquor licensing hearing.

We should discuss weather we should change locations every so often or keep it at Cape Ann Brewing.  If people would like to mix it up a bit the one requirement would be that the joint would have to offer free wifi.

If the Blog and Beer guidelines do not allow us to become a chapter under their banner we will stick with the Cape Ann Blogapalooza moniker and just add roman numerals after each meetup.


  • Good times Joey! Thanks for that brew!


    • I checked your blog and you didnt update with pics from overseas, what’s up with that???? LOL!

      and next time dont try to lure me into a conversation about the harbor!


  • The Hive Cape Ann

    i think once a month is good. We should keep it a CAB jjust to support them too. Good times


  • Thanks for making this happen Joey. Gotta love the Gloucesteratti… it was great to catch up with friends and meet new ones. – David


    • Great to meet you to David. Just to let you know I got an email from the folks at BeerandBlog and we are going to start up a Cape Ann Chapter. Currently there are 14 Chapters including Boise, Boulder, Corvallis, Eugene, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Salem, Seattle, St. Louis, Tokyo and Villamarti. Cape ann will be the 15th chapter.

      You can check out the Beer and Blog site here


  • Joey, you checked on me way too early. I don’t roll into work until 8am and I’m barely conscious when you checked for the pics (pre-9am). I got them up eventually, all sorts of pictures from Taipei, Taiwan. Let me know what you think.

    Sorry about the harbor talk, I just wanted to see if I could get you going…


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