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Lost Cat Frankie- Grant Circle Area

Hi Joey…i am a huge fan of GOOD MORNING GLOUCESTER and i wonder if by any chance you’d be willing to do a post about our missing cat Frank?! He went missing yesterday from our house on Ashland Place (near Grant Circle). I’m in a tizzy! He is a three year old neutered male housecat. Half Siamese/Half Calico. Check out my blog for a post (i’m about to do it…haven’t yet…it will be there by 1:15 Today/tuesday) that will contain all the relevent information! We have no kids. Our dogs and cats are our babies! We are having work done on our house and he escaped. We are offering a
If you can send out a message via your blog i’d be sooooo appreciative.
All best,
Mary Aarons

Stoga Shows Automatic Gillnet Setting Machine

Here, Stoga showcases a new fishing industry innovation for gillnetters aboard Mike Leary’s Lori B.  This hydraulic net setter eliminates the jobs of two men for setting the net back out on gillnetters.  The machine automatically spreads the net and sets it with the hydraulic motor (highlighted with the yellow arrow).  It glides back and forth to set nets from either side of the boat, port or starboard by gliding along the rails (highlighted by the black arrows).

Video tomorrow at 1PM

Laurel Tarantino’s Lobster Thermidor

After the final elimination race last night The Tarantinos graciously hosted a party for the rowers.  Here is Laurel Tarantino’s (wife of the self proclaimed all time greatest Grand Banks dory rower Jimmy T) Lobster Thermidor.  Video with Laurel at The Shipwreck Lounge at 1PM

iPhone Silliness

I got a gel cover for the phone and it comes with these clear plastic sheets to protect the screen. There are little numbers in the upper corners with no instructions. I figure I can do this. Wrong! Air bubbles and dust on the now repositioned protector. When I got home, I googled and got a video explaining the whole thing. If it’s that hard to do, how am I ever going to figure out how to shut off the alarm!!??