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Adult Foster Care Info From Janet-

ADULT FOSTER CARE of the NORTH SHORE is a unique agency that places adults with disabilities in private homes where the home caregiver receives payment from MassHealth.
Our clients have a wide range of disabilities from very mild to severe, and ADULT FOSTER CARE works with caregivers to find the right client for the home. The client must have a daily personal care need.
Adult Foster Care is part of a growing, exciting statewide program in Massachusetts. The focus is to keep adults with disabilities in the community instead of an institution. Our team of professionals works with clients and caregivers to ensure a stable, healthy placement. We are available and welcome inquiries. We are located at 180 Main St., Gloucester in the Action Building. Please call us at 978-281-2612 if you are interested in our program.
Anyone may refer a potential client to Adult Foster Care. Our clients are adults (over age 16) with disabilities and a daily personal care need related to the disability.

What kind of disability would qualify a client for the program? The disability may be mental or physical. Many of our clients are already associated with other agencies, and we work with the other agencies to find the optimal setting for the individual client.

What defines a “personal care need?” A personal care need is related to hygiene, dressing, grooming, eating, and mobility. A disabled client may require physical assistance with bathing or may require daily monitoring for hygiene and appropriate dressing.

Last night’s CD Release Party with Chelsea!

Chelsea9:00pm – Dog Bar was packed. Chelsea Berry was setting up for a night of music promoting her new CD.  With a keen sense of humor and bluntness, the singer-songwriter kept the audience entertained for hours. She sang her own songs as well as covers that were meaningful to her. More than once, the only sound in the room was Chelsea’s  incredible music. Her cover of Susan Werner’s “May I Suggest” brought tears to many listeners’ eyes. She invited Pete Lindberg, Bradley Royds and a cast of others to round out the night. What a show!

Go listen for yourself at the Rhumb Line around 7:30 Sunday night where she’ll be playing with friend and cohort Pete Lindberg. You’ll be glad you did.

You can read more about Chelsea in Mike Lindberg’s (Pete’s dad) post here on GMG.

International Dory Race Eliminations Results

The over 40 crew of Joe Sanfilippo and Mark Duvall defeated the dory crews of Mike Harmon/John Scola and Jack Sultan/Mike Cody.

The Junior crew of Randy Parisi and LJ Robertson defeated the dory crews of Kyle Edmonds/Joey Ciolino, Ryan Sears/Scott Anderson and Brian Murphy/Ron Boidi.

In the mixed doubles race the team of self proclaimed greatest dory rower of all time Jimmy T and Katherine Richmond lost to Len Robertson and Christina Carpenter.

In the seniors heats the crew of Jimmy Tarantino(the self proclaimed worlds greatest dory rower)and Tom Jarvis beat out Nick Novello/Jeremiah Nicastro and Glen Harrington/Erik Dombrowski

In the second senior heat the crew of Joe Cominelli and Jerry Ciaramitaro beat out Jeff Muise/Ray D’amico.

Monday night there will be a final elimination race between the winners of the two senior races to determine who represents the USA vs Canada on June 20th.  The race will be held Monday at 6PM at Niles Beach.

More International Dory Race Eliminations pictures and video to follow as the information comes in to the GMG news desk 🙂

Today is GMG contributor and all around great Egg Sharon Lowe’s 60th!  Big Huge Congratulations are in order!

LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi, Winners International Dory Race Eliminations

LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi, Winners International Dory Race Eliminations

Joe Sanfilippo/Mark Duvall Winners Over 40 International Dory Race Eliminations

Joe Sanfilippo/Mark Duvall Winners Over 40 International Dory Race Eliminations

Turning 60 today!

Ok… I’ll admit it. This year has been agony for me. From my birthday last year until a few weeks ago, the twinges of another milestone birthday were gnawing at me. But just as the big day was drawing near, I started thinking about the good parts of the age I’m at. So here goes….

1. I remember the very beginning of TV. A little roundish box with squiggly lines, but so much fun to watch. I thought June Cleaver, Spanky, and all were really black and white people!

2. I went to school when kids went home for lunch and believed that “Duck and Cover” would save us from the Bomb.

3. I slowly discarded my parents conservative beliefs of the 40’s and 50’s  and found my own path.

4. I listened to WMEX and the Red Sox on a tiny transistor radio. Arnie Ginsberg and Curt Gowdy.

5. I knew every stat of the ’67 Red Sox and followed the games faithfully through thick and thin.

6. I lived when we all took piano lessons and were expected to sit through the hour long sermon at church. I think I counted 120 tiles in the ceiling of the Congregational Church in Magnolia.

6. We jumped off the pier, went to the beach, “borrowed” dinghies to party on the Island. Sunscreen? What was that?

7. I got married early, had two kids by the time I was 20. I got to grow up with them through the late 60’s and 70’s. Little hippies! Now I have 4 active grandchildren, and I’m still young enough to pass on all the great music, the Mystery Rides, my love of nature and learning, and stuff that I’ve learned along the way.

8. I lived when music was moving in a new direction. Actually many new directions. In come the Beatles, the Stones, Cream, Traffic, Led Zeppelin, Janis, Miles Davis. They changed our world, and those who have passed on left their legacy. My grandson loves this classic music, and it’s great to listen with him. I love today’s music too. John Mayer, Mastiyahu, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, on and on on my Ipod.  Thanks to my friend Skip, I’ve gone to 3 concerts in the past month. Tonight we’re off to see Phish again!

9. I’ve come to know and love toys. My son thinks I’m imbilically attached to my computer. My digital Nikon is always by my side. When my cell phone dies, a little piece of me goes with it. An uncharged Ipod?? Unthinkable!

10. I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve met on this incredible journey. I wouldn’t trade 20 years for any of you! I love you all!

Now off to get an iphone to celebrate the next decade!

If you’re celebrating your 60th birthday, please feel free to add your happy thoughts to the list!

Pendulous Boobs By Roberta Jarvis At Menage Gallery

Roberta Jarvis has made these wonderful mermaid dolls with pendulous boobs (Heather Demarkis was quick to point out).

Note the lobster sitting on the male mermaid tail-