REMINDER to send in your photos for the slide show at the Block Party!

NOTE: You can send in more than one photo! Deadline extended until Monday June 8!

We’re starting to get photos in for inclusion in the slideshow. Be sure to submit your best shots!

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet:

Do you want to be part of the June 20th Block Party? Here’s your chance to see your photography big and beautiful! Good Morning Gloucester is hosting a community slide show featuring the first 150 photos we receive that meet the criteria below:

1. One submission per person

2. High resolution jpg image-

3. Must be Gloucester-related with a recognizable location

4. Must not be offensive or in poor taste

5. Must include your name so we can give you credit (We will use an alias if you request it)

6. Agree to allow  GMG  to use your photo in the slide show on and off the internet (your photo will not be sold or used commercially)

7. Submit your entry by June 5.

We know there are Gloucester photos out there in shoe boxes or on a hard drive just waiting to be seen. Dig them out and if you need help getting your print or negative scanned, we can suggest ways to get it done.

Sent your photos to Sharon at and we’ll keep you updated on how we’re doing!

Thanks and have fun!

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