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Just got a phone call

Someone came to the site and saw my contact info for the upcoming Block Parties.

The person was very nice and asked if we were interested in having the Block Parties subsidized by having vendors from Boston and elsewhere coming down and paying to be part of it and sell their wares.

Our committee has maintained three basic beliefs and let those beliefs guide our decisions along the way- Simple Fun and Free.

We want the local retailers and restaurants to benefit.  I politely declined his offer.

It’s not for some vendors from god knows where to come in, it’s for Downtown as we feel Downtown is the star of the show to begin with.

Where Zat Answer

DSCN3397 [640x480]Yep, it’s that little “gingerbread house” (according to Grandkid #4). I like Frank‘s guess!  “I know exactly where that is…… I just can’t remember”! But Nate got it first,”That’s Athena’s house, off Washington Street just up from Plum Cove beach in Lanesville”, followed by Damon,“It is in fact right down the street from me :)” Thanks for playing, everybody!

Scroo Cooking To Bring Andiamo’s Items Into The Fold

Many GMG readers were saddened to see Andiamos close it’s doors this week.

The best way I could describe Andiamos was “out to dinner food at take out prices”. I tried about 10-12 different dishes there and every one was not just good, but outstanding.

I went in to the owners’ other Gloucester food venture- Scroo Cooking to find out what we all want to know.  Will they be bringing some of our favorite dishes down to Scroo Cooking?

Check back at 1PM for our video interview

On Tap Today At GMG

Second Part Of  Fisherman Interview Aboard International Dory With Billy Edmonds and Gussy Sanfilippo

Gloucester At Dawn Pic

Gloucester Little League Home Run Derby Pics

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Sharon’s GMG Music Schedule For June 1- June 7

Scroo Cooking Video

Pics From The Adam Sandler Grown Ups Set

Good Evening Gloucester

What Up Homie

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More Pictures From The Set Location For Adam sandler Movie Grown Ups In Essex, Ma

Here’s another round of pics from the set location for the Adam Sandler movie Grown Ups starring , ,

Make sure to make a mental note of these pictures so when the movie comes out you can say, “Hey, I remember those pictures on GMG!”

The Grammas Family Posts A Warm Welcome On the Lake

CATA Buss Passes Bus Stop While People Illegally Park

The move of the bus stop can not come soon enough.  I haven’t seen the bus stop spots free of illegally parked cars once and the buses just cruise on past without even pretending to slow down in the designated spaces.

CATA Buss Passes Bus Stop While People Illegally Park, originally uploaded by captjoe06.