Random Thoughts About The North Shore Mall

The new restaurant inside Neiman Marcus looks interesting and if the food is half as good as it sounds on the menu it should be worth a visit.  We’ll report soon.

The smell of perfume coming out of Abercrombie and Fitch is way over the top obnoxious.

The Apple Store is always packed.  Amazing that they get twice the price for an an Apple computer than they do for a similarly spec’d out PC.

It baffles me how all the high end stores that are routinely empty as far as customer volume can afford to pay rent and employ people but the spaces in the new wing are getting filled up.


  • I try to shop internet,
    and some local stores.
    Massachusetts Malls Bite!


  • I know what you mean Joe, I went into Neiman Marcus and saw a pair jeans at 350 dollars. I was thought i can get a nice penn reel and rod set up for that amount or another pair of hockey skates. Plus they kinda look down at you when u are not dress to the 10’s in that store…..ill stick to Macys or Old Navy


  • Once you go Apple, you never go back♥♥♥and the free, help at the store is awesome♡


  • It’s not simply marketing that makes Apple charge more for their products. They also include a LOT of software, so theoretically you don’t have to buy anything. If you buy a PC, be prepared to slap down a couple hundred more for the software you’ll want (Office, etc.).

    That being said, my house is full of PCs, not Apples, and will remain that way for quite some time, but it’s not quite similarly spec’ed, when one includes software and one doesn’t.


    • I love my ipod Touch and wish it was a iPhone. iTunes rocks and I also wish I was editing the movies for the blog using the widescreen 16:9 format that apple uses. That being said I can’t bring myself to switch everything over to apple and pay double for what I could replace on my PC.


      • That’s funny – I feel the same way about my iPod Touch… It’s awesome, but then I’m somewhere without WiFi, and it’s like I’m lost in the desert.


        • It’s amazing how awesome the iPhone is. The best way I could describe it is that it promises a ton and it over delivers…….seamlessly and without fail. In my mind the best piece of technology since the invention of the internet.

          A good friend of mine was a Blackberry addict. he had the first one and loved it and always spoke it’s praises.

          Then he got an iPhone and says that the iPhone is way better and useful. The people developing cheap or free applications for it make the thing incredibly useful.

          Wouldn’t it be great if Apple offered a low priced 3g data plan for the iPod touch so people that have to use other carriers for their cell service could get the features of the iPhone on the touch without the cell service.


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