It Doesn’t Suck

Ahhhh to wake up on that porch with a cup of coffee and the sun rising over the Atlantic.  The Back Shore, East Gloucester, Steps To Good Harbor Beach- Gods Country.

It Doesn’t Suck, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


  • Now this one (next door to my parents) was owned by a group of priests (Jesuits as I remember) and used as a place for city kids to get some time near the ocean and on the beach. The priest who headed up that effort has died and I do not know if the church group still owns it.


  • Way back before the priests, Bill and Asta Moore owned that house and I stayed there often visiting.


  • The Moores used it as a summer house and it had no heat or anything back then. Their winter house was up on Lookout St next door to my grandmother.
    Later when Bill retired they moved year around to Souther Road at the corner of Briar. The NE corner, also worth a photo in your series. I think the Works may have bought it after the Moores died. I stayed there as a guest a few times too, terrific place to live!


  • Bill and Asta Moore were my grandparents. My Mom (also Asta) died when I was 24. It’s great to see where she spent much of her childhood. Her (my Mom Asta) ashes are scattered off the back shore. Thanks for sharing the picture and the memories.


  • Bill and Asta Moore were my grandparents. My mother, also Asta , died in 1994 when I was 24 years old. It’s wonderful to know which house (for certain) was her childhood summer home. Thanks for sharing. I’d welcome any and all info about Bill and Asta Moore and their six children.


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