Good Eggs- Things To Do- Cleaning Crew

Got this message from Donna Ardizzone-

Hi All:

One Hour at a Time:

Date:                 Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time:                08:00 AM

Where:              St. Peters’ Square

Please bring gloves and looking forward to seeing all


That’s all it said.  So I sent an email back to Donna asking here what the heck was going on.

She replied-

Hi Joey;

It started with Bob Gillis, Ed the House Doctor, Tony, Precision Roofing, myself and we just decided to do it and start cleaning rather than wait for the city to do it.  Patti Amaral helps as often as she can.  Some weeks we have quite few people.  I send out the emails and we all decide what she be taken care of next.

A bunch of us decided to clean the streets every Saturday morning for an hour.  Pick up trash, cigarette butts, etc.  We go to Main Street and then the next week the BLVD, Good Harbor, etc.  wherever we see an issue..  It works really well and people come up to us and thank us and I think that if people see people keeping their city clean it is catchy.  Maybe you could mention on Good Morning Gloucester, thanks and also did you get to see Barbara’s window with the wedding dresses.  Amazing…

Take care and hope to see you around town.


So if you are around and feel like lending a hand, swing on down to St Peters’ Square at 8:00AM April 4th and have at it.

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