A Call To All You Facebook Freaks

Hey I know Facebook is taking over America.  I’m not blind.  While I refuse to jump on that train and get sucked into the vortex that is Facebook I get it.  It’s the coolest thing going.  I’ve got my hands full trying to keep GMG the very best it could be. Signing up for Facebook would undoubtably mean that the blog would suffer and we can’t have that now, can we?

Anyway, I’m asking all you Facebook freaks out there if you dig GMG could you pass along the link along to your pals on Facebook for them to check out GMG?

Here’s the link for you to copy and paste-


Here is the email signup link-

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  • hey joey! i can get to your site by simply typing http://www.goodmorninggloucester.com. a bit shorter, but i more frequently use the subscription link from my email, or the link from my blog. i will put a link up on my facebook. maybe someone will set up a fan page for you over there. if i can figure it out, i will.


    btw: come on up and see the view. if the white p/u is around, we are.


  • I am NOT a facebookie and never will be.

    “Personal preference”

    I likey mySpace~

    Joey, if you join MySP please let me(us) know!



  • Hi Joey,

    I shared you link with my 256 FaceBook Friends. If you would come on FaceBook I would have 257 friends, but No that’s not the way you play! LOL.

    Kathy Low Ciluffo My friend Joey Ciaramitaro is boycotting FaceBook but wants everyone to check out his Blog, “Good Morning Gloucester” https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/ GoodMorningGloucester
    Source: goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com
    The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center is looking for docents to help interpret Fitting Out, the center’s new exhibit premiering in the Gorton’s Seafoods Gallery in May 2009.
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  • You know, there is a function where when you have Facebook, every time you publish a post on your blog, it will update and post on your facebook page.

    Also, as a “business”, you can create a “page” which means, you can have people sign up through facebook as “fans”. Those “fans” are your “friends” and they will get every update of Good Morning Gloucester, through Facebook, of your blog, every time you publish.

    I just set one up for a small business (not my own). My sister’s business has one and when they have a promotion or a blog post, I get an email.

    Just in case you ever reconsider Facebook. Heh heh.


    • I have doubt about the awesomeness of Facebook. That’s the rub in fact. I know I’d get sucked in and I already have my plate full trying to make GMG as good as I can.


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