Downtown Construction Update

Last week the footings were poured and now the rebar is in place for the pouring of the foundation.

Note where I placed the arrows on the curled over rebar.  Once the cement is poured, it will form and harden around the curved rebar.  This will give the foundation added strength and lock it all together nicely.

When pouring foundation or forms with rebar it ups the structural integrity of the foundation exponentially.

To see the project from the tear down of the old building to it’s current state click this text for the slide show.

Downtown Construction Update, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


  • Joey, love the updates. Do you know if anything is happening at the Paint Factory yet?


    • No clue. I’ll look into it though.

      I know they bought the property and then were looking to raise something like 10 million dollars for the rebuilding. That figure took me aback. I sort of figured that the outfit was flush with cash and if they were going to purchase the property that they could have started right in with whatever project they were going to go forward with. If 10 million dollars in fundraising was the right number that they were looking to raise to get started, that’s a pretty huge chunk of dough to raise. I wish them luck.


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