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Chickity Check It!- Ron Gilson’s Common Sense Must Read

The Gloucester I Love

Ron Gilson is a man who remembers Gloucester’s glory days of fishing and tells it like it is.  No holds barred.  His offering in this weeks blog entry is a must read.  To check out Ron’s Latest Click This Text

Look for three more videos from Ron Gilsons archives coming in the coming weeks.

Mike Leary and Joe (Stoga) Scola Aboard The Dragger Pamet

Here is Joe (Stoga) Scola and Mike Leary, owner of the Dragger Pamet.

Peter Prybot had an interesting column in the Gloucester Daily Times featuring Stoga and Mike in the paper this weekend.  Click this text for that article.

Look for an upcoming video featuring Stoga in which he gives us insight into the often heard but rarely understood saying on the VHF radio- “Who Killed The Bird?”

In Search of the PICKLE!


The 10 year old and I went “up the line” yesterday despite her disdain for shopping ( A girl that hates shopping!!??). With the promise of Newbury Comics thrown in, she willing went along with the trip to Trader Joe’s and TJ Maxx. Her mom had given her $10 and it was really cool how she made decisions on what to buy. So with a $4 purchase of pomegranate seeds (which she ate with chopsticks) and my $2 bag of Unburied Treasure (almost like cheese curls, but better), we did a little clothes shopping and then off  in search of the now infamous Electronic Yodelling Pickle.

Kylie had never been to Newbury Comics before, but I talk about it often and she had $6 left to spend at this cool store. There was some adult stuff that I steered her away from, but she loved the Red Sox dog leashes and collars, checked the prices $15 each. No go.

We wandered through the store checking out the merchandise which is among the albums (yes, vinyl), CDs, and other music.squirrel This happy little guy caught our attention and Kylie thought they would be great for the puppy. Ha! More laundry for Mom!

We walked around the store 3 times, Kylie with the $6 in her hand and me in a futile search for the PICKLE!

She finally settled on a pack of chewing gum that snaps the fingers of your victim as they take a piece and a kit to grow snow??!!

I bought a ping pong set for the dining room table and asked the salesguy about the pickle. He said there had been a sell-out  and more would be in in the next few days…WHA????  A secret sector of society pilfering pickles!yodelingelectronicpickle

So while we wait we’ll place our bets on these guys-
It’s the brawl to end them all! Captain Corndog and Baron Von Broccoli will settle their ongoing feud once and for all in a knock-down, drag-out battle. The winner will become the undisputed feature dish of your kitchen! Next to the pickle….of course!

Have a great day!

Downtown Construction Update

Last week the footings were poured and now the rebar is in place for the pouring of the foundation.

Note where I placed the arrows on the curled over rebar.  Once the cement is poured, it will form and harden around the curved rebar.  This will give the foundation added strength and lock it all together nicely.

When pouring foundation or forms with rebar it ups the structural integrity of the foundation exponentially.

To see the project from the tear down of the old building to it’s current state click this text for the slide show.

Downtown Construction Update, originally uploaded by captjoe06.