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This Just In From Kat Valentine-

In honor of this area’s remarkable literary heritage, I started a web site, Literary Gloucester, a couple years ago that pays tribute to writers in essays by writers. The site was just a labor of love on my part and I was pleased to receive three essays by Peter Anastas to get it started. He wrote essays on his friends Charles Olsen and Vincent Ferrini, as well as one on Lowell’s Jack Kerouac.

My dear friend the late Mark S. Williams wrote an essay on Andre Dubus III that was added next. Then Theatre in the Pines Artistic Director and writer Nan Webber added an essay on T. S. Eliot. Then the site languished. I have been working on an essay on Nathaniel Hawthorne but I can’t seem to finish it.

So I have decided to renew my effort to make this site happen by issuing an open invitation to writers from the Cape Ann area to participate. What I ask is that you email kathleen an essay on a writer whose work has influenced, inspired, or in some other way gained your admiration. Please include a photograph of yourself and, if possible, one of the writer you are writing about. I would prefer that the subject of your article be from the area (at least New England) or who wrote here.

In exchange for your participation I’ll add a brief bio and links to your books and where they can be purchased. I hope this will add to this project, promote the writing of contemporary writers, and create resource on the world-wide web for those interested in New England authors.

Thanks for reading. -Kathleen Valentine

Salted Mackerel

Salted herring and mackerel sit in vats, preserved for use as lobster bait.

Over time the salt draws all the fluid from the fish and they shrivel up a bit.  Here, our friend Mr Mackerel could use a drink of water to rehydrate.  Not to worry, soon enough he will be stuffed in a bait bag and sent off the back of a lobster boat to lure in some unsuspecting lobster that’s poking around at the bottom of the ocean looking for a meal.  Mr Mackerel will sure enough find that water once again…..just before he becomes lunch.

Salted Mackerel, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Earth Day Message From Beth Swan

Hi Joey!

I don’t know if you were planning on posting anything about Earth Hour on GMG or not. If not, no worries. I just thought it would be neat to get Gloucester on the map and its a fun global/local community event. I just saw an article on how it’s begun already in Sydney and thought you might be interested: <>

Rock on!

GMG/CABI St Paddy Day Window Display Contest Winners Video

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Thanks to all those who participated, it really brightened up Main Street.  Main Street is going to be hopping this summer between the new construction at the Former Gray’s Building, The Block Parties, The New Ice Cream/Candy Shop, The Joke Shop.  There is some significant investment going on Downtown.

Gloucester Rocks, and this summer it’s going to be the best one yet.  I can feel the excitement starting to build with the nice weather!

Hangin’ out with Joey

dsc_6985-640x480Yesterday I was down at Capt. Joe’s.  Hangin’ with Joey is always interesting.

His lobstermen yell up to his office through a window. Joey’s mail gets to the mailman by bucket. Ya just never know who’s coming it to bait up. So anyway, I’ll post a slideshow at noon today. Check it out!

Kid’s Closet Second Place Tie Winner Pam Amaral Of The GMG/CABI St Paddy Day Window Display Contest

Here Erika Hansen from Cape Ann Business Incubator and Sharon Lowe from Good Morning Gloucester present Pam Amaral her second place tie award certificate for outstanding St Paddy Day window Display as voted by the readers of Good Morning Gloucester.

Look for the video with all the winners at 10:00AM