News From Fenway-Frozen Concession Prices

Press Release From Fenway-


In the Big Concourse, families will be able enjoy discounted concession items and access to the Best Buy Players Club during the game. Mmmmm… cheap eats!

Big news today from inside the walls here in the Front Office: In addition to having frozen ticket prices for the 2009 season, some of my co-workers over here were able to work out a deal with ARAMARK, our concessionaire at Fenway Park to freeze prices on all concessions sold inside the ballpark!

I got the above email from The Red Sox Front Office newsletter and thought I’d pass it along.

The thing they don’t say is that while they froze the concession prices, they froze them at ridiculously high prices.  It’s like an oil company acting like they would be doing you a favor by locking in your oil price when oil is at $140 a barrel.  Gee, Thanks!

Isn’t a tad bit insulting to try to make a big deal out of not raising concession prices at a place that is already ridiculously overpriced during times of economic turmoil.  Do they think we’re a bunch of dopes?


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