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A short person’s bike for sale!

bikeThis bike is just too heavy for me. I ‘ve only ridden it twice, so it’s in really good condition. I’d say it would be good for a 9 to 12 year old or an adult who’s about 5 feet tall.  Here are the specs. I’m asking $250 for the bike. Give me a shout if you’re interested. Thanks!                       —Sharon

News From Fenway-Frozen Concession Prices

Press Release From Fenway-


In the Big Concourse, families will be able enjoy discounted concession items and access to the Best Buy Players Club during the game. Mmmmm… cheap eats!

Big news today from inside the walls here in the Front Office: In addition to having frozen ticket prices for the 2009 season, some of my co-workers over here were able to work out a deal with ARAMARK, our concessionaire at Fenway Park to freeze prices on all concessions sold inside the ballpark!

I got the above email from The Red Sox Front Office newsletter and thought I’d pass it along.

The thing they don’t say is that while they froze the concession prices, they froze them at ridiculously high prices.  It’s like an oil company acting like they would be doing you a favor by locking in your oil price when oil is at $140 a barrel.  Gee, Thanks!

Isn’t a tad bit insulting to try to make a big deal out of not raising concession prices at a place that is already ridiculously overpriced during times of economic turmoil.  Do they think we’re a bunch of dopes?

Things To Do- Chamber Of Commerce Home and Garden Show

This just in from Judy Caulkette at The Chamber of Commerce-

Hi Joe!  I hope you will be able to help us spread the word about this year’s Home & Garden Show!  There will be a very special Energy Efficient Showcase exhibit designed by John Dugger, Jud Wilson, Tony Corrao, and Ed Collard showing people how they can save money on energy in their own homes and some great speakers!  It’s all on the Chamber website

Fourth Annual
Cape Ann Home & Garden Show
Saturday, March 28, and Sunday, March 29, 2009, 10am-4pm Both Days
Gloucester High School Field House
32 Leslie O. Johnson Road, Gloucester, MA

Sponsored by:
Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

Kenn Marshall’s Pic Of Captain Joe and Sons Taken From Club Stupid

Club Stupid must be ramping up for their annual spring bash.  The one where I always stare over at while at work and they are whooping it up having a grand old time.  Club Stupid Knows How To Party- They’re Professionals.

This from Kenn- From our side (club stupid ) looking over-

From Henry Ferrini- PBS to air Polis is This



POLIS IS THIS – Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place (‘2007, 57m) The film traces Charles Olson’s process of self-discovery and makes it clear why Kerouac, Ginsberg and others traveled to the oldest fishing town in America to meet the father of literary post modernism.

A second-generation modernist and former political advisor to the administration of President F.D. Roosevelt, Olson forsook politics and turned to full-time writing in the final twenty-five years of his life.  An outsized man of passionately held beliefs, expansive theories and ambitious projects, Olson was rector of the groundbreaking experimental art school Black Mountain College, Asheville, N.C.  Today he is best known for his brilliant literary essays, letters and his massive epic The Maximus Poems. Devoting his life to preserving Gloucester, Massachusetts from suburban overdevelopment, Olson created a template for the artist as social and political activist.  He was  a huge influence on the Beat scribes of the 1950s and is credited with coining the term “postmodern.”

In Olson’s world the universal is the local without walls. Filmmakers Henry Ferrini and Ken Riaf surpass the challenges of containing this giant and his ideas in cinematic form while expanding our awareness of the role of the poet in his community. A generous amount of Olson footage, striding his 6’8” corpus about his beautifully photographed polis or engaging in the teacher’s art, we also meet the polis of this film: the artists – Amiri Baraka, Robert Creeley, Diane di Prima, Vincent Ferrini, Michael Rumaker, Pete Seeger, Ed Sanders, John Sinclair, Anne Waldman, Jonathan Williams, – and the locals who knew him. Hosted, after an Olsonesque fashion, by John Malkovich.

In this time of great change, Polis speaks of the will to change.  Olson understood that the local was a deep source for understanding ourselves and solving contemporary problems Gloucester, Massachusetts as his lens. He wanted others to dig into their own place and encouraged us to think and act locally.  Just imagine what shape we would be in if all our local banks didn’t sell their mortgages to the big boys? We all have something to learn from this overlooked poet.

National Poetry Month Presentation

Monday, March 30, 9pm New Jersey Network –2

Tuesday, April 1 8pm New Jersey Network –2

Tuesday, April 1 8pm WHUT, Washington, D.C

Sunday, April 5 7pm WGBH, Boston, MA

Friday, April 24 2:30am WNET, NYC

Friday, April 24 1pm WHYY, Philadelphia

contact: Henry Ferrini


Complete Screening Dates & Times

Phil Bolger Boat Design

Here are another set of plans to build a boat similar to the Robin Jean but with the cabin pushed forward which would accommodate a larger work area and deck space.

Click on the plan and select “all sizes” to see it in more detail

Phil Bolger Boat Design, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

You can see the difference in the Robin Jean with its wheelhouse more toward midship than the plan up above which calls for the whellhouse and cabin to be pushed forward.

Stevie Salah, Cousin Licia and Daughter Jessica At The Red Skiff

The other day my cousin Licia stopped me to let me know that Steve Salah and Kelly (Lupo) Sallah had bought The Red Skiff in Rockport and that I should swing by to take some pictures.

Of course I would.  Steve owned Salah’s in East Gloucester Square back when we were kids working at the dock and I’ll never forget going there every morning from work and getting the 99 cent special.  Two eggs, hash browns and toast.  99 cents was quite a bargain.

Times have changed but the value hasn’t at Steve’s new restaurant The Red Skiff in Rockport.  The menu is very family friendly, the food fresh and the service outstanding (Licia that last part is for you).  🙂

Look for the video at 8:00AM