Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop-The Knees Of The Dory

Inside the dory the knees are placed as a frame.  It is interesting to note as Geno told me in the first part of our video interview that the knees are made from the tree trunk.  The tree trunk has a natural bend when it enters the earth which lends strength to where the curve is going to be on the inside of the boat.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


  • Geno, I have not forgotten. I owe you a 6 pack of Sam Adams for the old oar you gave me to refinish. Been traveling a lot, will stop by soon.

    Thanks again, can’t wait to get it sanded and repainted.

    John F.


  • Geno,see,you,in,the,spring,hope,you,liked,the,dory,sign,Mary,and,I,will,visit,,there,is,no,dory,,central,ny,,item,busy,carving,for,xmas,,orders,keep,well,,,Bill,brown,Cicero,ny


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