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Recycling event to benefit the American Cancer Society and Big Brother/Big Sister

If you need to get rid of anything in these categories this is a great way to do it both properly and to benefit important causes!!

March 28 (Next Saturday); 8AM-noon – Recycling day at Fuller School parking lot

– Recycling of televisions ($10-20), appliances ($10-20), computers ($5), monitors ($5), printers, copiers, cell phones, air conditioners, microwaves, stereos, vacuum cleaners and much, much more. If it plugs in, we’ll take it. Big Brother/Sister will be accepting clothing items also. All for One Cause is providing this Electronic Recycling Collection – a great community event. For more information, contact Jane Hiltz 978-281-1883 or Mary Lou Balbo 978-283-0797.

GMG Q&A- Melissa Smith Abbott Part V

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?

I love the Schooner Festival. It’s a day where the sails are alive in the harbor just like in the old days. It’s like a convention old Victorian ladies still all decked out in their lace and velvets. If you squint your eyes you can imagine what it looked like over 100 years ago. I like going out with the schooners and sailing with them and taking loads of photos. It is always a great weekend in Gloucester when lots of visiting boats come to town. I always wonder why Gloucester doesn’t have more moorings and marinas for boats to attract that kind of business to the city. Lot’s of people come to Gloucester by boat and there is no where to land and it is very unfriendly towards them. We have such a huge beautiful harbor and we could manage a few more moorings and a public marina with showers, groceries, and a laundromat. It would definitely bring in a different sort of tourist during the summer. You can charge big money for it too. Everyone loves Fiesta and
I like the blessing of the fleet and the greasy pole with all the costumes. The best place to watch is right beside it and to go there by dingy. The 4th of July in Laneville is off the hook but scary because of the noise and fire. I also like the Boat Parade at the end of the summer with the fireworks afterwards. It is a fun night.

In the summer do you prefer beach or Boat.

I prefer going to the beach by boat! I love Lighthouse, Wingersheek, Jones Creek, back side of Cranes, Niles, and Braces. If I have to drive to a beach, I definitely like Cape Hedge or Pebble because of the sound of the rocks. But I am on our boats everyday in the summer and wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Who is your favorite local artist.

Well…. you didn’t ask, dead or alive….so I will tell you both. I love Czerepak, Armand Sindoni, Edna Hibel, Maurice Comprise, Harrison Cady, Strisik,Thieme, Hibbard, Otis Cook, and early Gruppes to name a few Cape Ann Artists who have passed on. I always think of Armand’s “schooners at night” paintings that used to hang in Capt Bills Restaurant (now known as Elliots) in the 1960’s. Capt Bill used to buy his clams from this digger named Floyd and you would always see Floyd hanging around the west end of town. Gloucester used to be filled with characters like Floyd who wore rags, boots, and carried a bag and clam fork around town. If you were eating in Capt Bill’s in the 1960’s you might have seen Charles Olsen who was a huge hulk of a man walking by with his big overcoat and shock of gray hair.

Currently, I love Jeff Weaver, Tom Nichols, and Robert Gruppe. I am also a fan of Robert Hawkins who lives in Europe now but was originally from Gloucester and I was lucky enough to buy one of paintings last year.

What is your favoritie local beach?

I think I have already talked about the beaches but I really don’t have a favorite, they are all great in their own way and what is so cool is that we have such a variety of beaches here so whatever your mood, you are all set.

Hand Cut Fries At The Seaport Grill At Cruiseport

I didn’t even know that the Seaport Grill had opened at Cruiseport.  Swung by yesterday for a fantastic lunch.

Hand cut fries tossed with truffle oil, fresh parmesan and parsley.  This was so rich it could easily be shared by three people along with your meal.  Or made a meal unto itself.

Chickity Check It!-Ron Gilson Author Of An Island No More Is Blogging!

click the link below for

Ron Gilson’s

From Ron-

This blog, hosted by noted author and Gloucester historian, Ron Gilson, will commence regular publication on Friday, March 20th, 2009. We look forward to your joining and engaging us as we embrace both the past and the future of America’s oldest commercial fishing port, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

I really enjoyed our three part interview with Ron this week.  To check it out you can click on these links-

Ron Gilson Part I

Ron Gilson Part II

Ron Gilson Part III

Ron Gilson Author Of An Island No More, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop-The Knees Of The Dory

Inside the dory the knees are placed as a frame.  It is interesting to note as Geno told me in the first part of our video interview that the knees are made from the tree trunk.  The tree trunk has a natural bend when it enters the earth which lends strength to where the curve is going to be on the inside of the boat.

Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.