GMG Q&A- Melissa Smith Abbott Part II

What is your favorite season in Gloucester?

My favorite season in Gloucester is Fall. The reason being is that it is still wonderful weather and lots of the tourists go home so you can enjoy some of the places here with a little more privacy. Many people have the mentality that Cape Ann is a place to come to and “party” during the summer. I like a party as much as the next person but I actually get tired of it in the summer. I am always relieved to take the locality back from the revelers.You can go to the back side of Wingaersheek by boat in the Fall and its all but deserted. The heat is lessened and so its nicer to take walks around the back shore or Braces Cove. The air is brisk and there is a certain freshened energy of the easterly wind in fall which brings heightened sense of aliveness and creativity. The summer is wonderful for sure but the fall is Exquisite. During the summer the sunsets sitting on the boat are the best and swimming is fantastic (I don’t mind the cold water). I enjoy a
good sail and get to do plenty of it.
I also like the Christmas season on Cape Ann. I love the decorated trees and houses, the Santa Parades, the Nativity Pagent in Rockport, and all the events and parties of the Christmas Season great and small. I like reconnecting with old friends and family at that time of year. It is the threshold of the introspection of the winter season and I find it very contemplative.

Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester to “get away”.

Yes, Most of them accessable only by boat. I love to anchor or pick up a mooring behind Ten Pound Island or off of Niles Beach or anywhere else in the harbor off of Eastern Point. I love to go “up the river” and hang out at Jones Creek of take a ride up into Lobster Cove. My most favorite spot is by the lighthouse off of Lighthouse beach in Annisquam. I love to dive off of the rocks there at high tide.

Look for part three tomorrow.  Thanks Melissa.  Anyone else who would like to fill out a questionnaire leave a comment and I’ll send you the form.

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  • hey joey if you would like to interview someone interesting, talk to Lisa Ramos , she wrote the book on magnolia that was just published. she is a sweetee and can tell you tons of stuff about old time gloucester and magnolia. she is in the book under mike and lisa ramos i belive, sharon knows her and could give you her number. your brother, shawn


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