Vote in the GMG/CABI St. Paddy’s Day Downtown Window Display Po


The downtown businesses really have the Irish spirit! The St. Patrick’s Day decorations and displays are great. Go down Main St., down to Walgreen’s Plaza (Kids’ Closet has a cool dragon), and peek inside the stores as well. Lone Gull has Irish coffees…Yum! Be sure to VOTE for your favorite!


  • Great work Sharon! The love of Gloucester and Downtown really shines through. Also thanks to all the stores who participated in the first ever Good Morning Gloucester/Cape Ann Business Incubator Downtown Merchant St Paddy Window Display contest.

    Please vote for your favorite!


  • Poll at 12:00PM winner Bananas at 18%
    Tie for second place at 14%
    Harbor Goods and Kids Closet


  • wow! we won! what did we win?

    it was fun listening to the comments of folk on the sidewalk: wow! there’s a lot of green in the window, oh, i get it! St. Patrick’s day.

    we took the green out of the main window on monday, as folk had requested to purchase dresses for St. Patrick’s day, and then they didn’t show up. Oh, well.

    thanks Joey!


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