I Love You Snoop Maddie Mad

When The Mrs was pregnant with Snoop Maddie Mad, The Bean (Eloise) was 22 months old just before she was born.

I remember thinking to myself that I had no idea how I would ever love another baby as much as The Bean and I felt sorry for the unborn baby in my wife’s belly.  

Madeline while being completely different than The Bean in almost every way is just as loved, something I never thought possible before she was born.  Snoop Mad is crazy and is obviously missing the fear gene.  The Bean is a direction follower and semi neurotic like me and Snoop Maddie Mad is a complete maniac who acts first and thinks later.  There is no healthy dose of fear in her, lol.

I Love You Snoop Maddie Mad, originally uploaded by captjoe06.



  • I felt the same way when I was pregnant with Mark. Cindy was born barely a year before him and I was totally in love with her.
    I asked myself the same question of “How would I ever spread this love around?”

    That little guy (born 6 weeks prematurely) wormed his way into my heart and found his own place. Very different, but just as special.

    Even though they’re grown, and we’ve been through good times and bad, I love my kids unconditionally and forever.



  • Joey, your pictures are fantastic…..your tan makes me ill! I need sun badly, didn’t get enough in Florida.

    Favorite oicture – Sisters in Arms! That’s a WOW shot!

    Good going, boss



  • That’s o.k.. They’ll be survivors. Good for tham.


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