Some Scary News- JJ Jinglenuts

The Longtime GMG readers have gotten to know JJ Jinglenuts our cat.

We picked up JJ at a shelter when we were having a difficult time conceiving children.  It had been a long many years and we were pretty depressed about the possibility of never being able to have kids.

Wouldn’t you know that within the same month of bringing JJ home, Eloise was conceived.

Needless to say he’s like our angel.

We got back from our Naples trip and JJ isn’t doing so well.

There’s cat puke all over the basement and he is bleeding out of his butt.  We’re going to the vet asap.

Please say a prayer or two for him.


  • Hope jj nuts will be ok. Hate to see innocent animals suffer. Hopefully nothing serious. goodluck Joey and family


  • Sorry to hear about your cat good luck…………….FRANK


  • Positive Beams your way…good luck


  • hey brother, it’s most likley something he ate in your basement. perhaps a mouse hiding from the cold ? contrary to popular belief , while cats are great for catching then it’s no so great for them to eat them . their bones will cut the belly linning . the vet will give him some antibiotics to speed up the healing and tell you to only give him soft food. it happened to our cat before , feed him yogert (spelled wrong) and cottage cheese to relax his tummy. he will be ok . later bro, shawn


  • Recently started reading your website news…sorry to hear about your cat, JJ. We have an older cat also….once when she experienced the same symptoms we took her to the vet. He said we should not feed her dry food and to make sure she gets canned food with less than a 3% rating of ash in it. Since we changed her diet
    ( this was 6 yrs. ago) she has not had this problem. Give it a try….should work.
    O’Dell M. ( an aquaintance of Sharon’s).


  • Poor JJ! Oh no! Feel better little fellow!
    < .
    < ‘


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