Early Saturday in Gloucester Video

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1887018&dest=-1]

Rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes, grabbed the camera, nice!

To see the photos separately and larger, click here.


  • Very nice pictures. Thats my favorite time of the day. Very peaceful and quiet……….FRANK


  • Debara Hafemann

    Living in Gloucester….we are so surrounded with beauty that it is easy to forget to take it all it.
    Thanks for reminding me to get up early!
    Thanks to for the encouragement to “Look and See”


  • Thanks for getting up early…so the rest of us don’t have to…to see Gloucester’s beauty.


  • Yeah Joe, you’re right. It was worth it. The park in The Fort is one of my favorite places. One Saturday morning I was down there and got some awesome video of all the boats coming in. I’ve posted some pictures of the lobsterboats on Flickr. To bad I can’t upload the pictures from my 35 mm. I have to have hundreds of pictures of Gloucester and all the boats. Some post card perfect. Sea Farmer is one of my favorite pictures. It’s awesome. I just got my digital camera last summer. Oh well, I’ll just have to get out there and take more.


    • Those pics were taken by Sharon. Any of the posts that are posted by flappinglikeahaddock are posted by Sharon Lowe. You can check out more of her stuff by clicking the the link in the blogroll. Any of the posts by mlindberg are from Mike Lindberg who recently joined the team. Sharon posts at 9AM and 12PM. Mike posts at 3PM. I post at every other hour of the day from 7AM-5PM


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