Shameless Plug! St. Patrick’s Day

O'Briens Boru

Another St. Patty’s Day is about here, so break out the Sha-laylee’s, and Noize makers It’s time for a Boru Party!
We’ll be playing this Saturday March 14th, at Cameron’s, to shake some rust off yer skupper’s!! This is a special performance… starting at 9 pm! Kind o’ pre-St. Patty’s Day just ta git ya in da reddy

We’ll also be a playin our annual St. Patty’s Day Celebration at The Rhumb Line here in Glosta as well on Tuesday March 17th, we start there at 6pm
We might just play some of our Irish music, to start the night out…  then of course we will be pullin our ol’ shenannigan’s  and finishin da nite out with our own style  of classic rock and hits from U2, the Pogues,  long with the drop kick murphettes…
I’m sure dey’ll be servin up some grub, and fine irish whiskey and da likes at both places, so bring yer appetite wit ya.  Ya ave ta put sometin ta soak up da whiskey.. for your gullett… so don’t be a wastin too much time,  just git your arse’s down to Cameron’s… and The Rhumbline

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