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Floral Derangement From The Wicked Pissahs

The Boston Derby Dames are made up of four teams-The Cosmonaughties, The Wicked Pissahs, The Nutcrackers and The Boston Massacre which is the AllStar Team comprised of players from the first three squads.

Here is Floral derangement From The Wicked Pissahs

Floral Derangement From The Wicked Pissahs, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

She Will Take You Down!



Thole or Tholepin
one of a pair of wooden pins set upright in the gunwale on either side of a rowing boat to serve as a fulcrum in rowing [Old English tholl]


Tholepin rhythm up the sound,
Leathern fingers grip eight foot oars,
Keen eyes watch along the shores
For bobbing bottles and wooden buoys
Carved with a name and a number that
Holds a tarred warp to a bedroom trap.
Drop and swish, then up the sound,
By noon to row the string around
Tholepin rhythm up the sound.
-Richard O. Bickford of Winter Harbor, Maine

Crab Traps, Naples Fl

Crab traps are very similar to lobster traps but are square shaped instead of  rectangular.  They also have the openings on the top of the trap and do not have knitted heads like a lobster trap.

Crab Traps, Naples Fl, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Many Gloucester fishermen have fished out of Naples at one time or another, mostly longlining for swordfish back in the day.  Mark Ring has a few great stories he tells from his days fishing in this port, none of which I can repeat here.

2009- The Year We Bring Dory Rowing To The Masses

Enough Is Enough!!!!!!

I’m dedicating this year to educating the masses of how awesome and accessible Dory Racing and rowing are to everyone.   There simply is no better deal around to get you onto Gloucester Harbor, get exersize, feel like a part of a great Gloucester tradition than rowing.

From the Gloucester International Dory website-


Membership is $50 for 1 year, and runs January to January. Membership includes use of committee dories, loaner equipment, and race and committee event invitations. To become a member, download the membership form here.

All year long you will see Dory Racing news, race results,pictures and video here.  I want people to get it, to see just how easy it is to get on Gloucester Harbor for a measly $50.

Get involved, it’s a blast.  Learn more at the Gloucester International Dory Website by clicking this text

To View The Dory Slide Show Click The Picture Below

Crab Traps, Naples Florida

They pour cement in the bottom of the crab traps so they will land bottom first once set off the boat.  This way they will fish properly.  Very few lobstermen pour cement in the bottom of lobster traps but I have seen it here and there.  The prefered method of weighting a lobster trap is with bricks.  This is another difference between lobster traps and crab traps.

Crab Traps,Naples Florida, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Who Wouldn’t Like To Wake Up To Two Sisters?

Who Wouldn’t Like To Wake Up With Two Sisters?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here’s Patty an owner at Two Sisters Breakfast joint on the top of Washington Street across from The Joan of Arc statue. She’s got quite a sense of humor. She doesn’t even charge extra for the laughs!