What, You Don’t Like Rocks For Dinner?

After the Muskeegee Ducks had enough of Snoop Maddie Mad trying to feed them rocks instead of bird food tthey took off.  Who could blame them? 

Don’t worry though, there were plenty of other birds for Snoop Mad to terrorize later in the day. 

Yesterday morning I had the brilliant idea to take her out on the tennis court to kick a rubber ball around.  Wouldn’t you know daughter number 2 (the one missing the fear gene) took off in a full sprint and wiped out taking a face first header on the cement.  Scraped up and bleeding wouldn’t you know she was up and at ’em minutes later wanting to kick that ball around some more.  She’s a maniac and I fear what I’m in for as she gets older.

What, You Don’t Like Rocks For Dinner?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


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