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Word Scramble Answers

Here are the answers! Star Squiggle and Frank got them correct after I split the words up so they made more sense.

Send me your scrambled Gloucester words, and I’ll post them!

1. yconcerkk is Rocky Neck.
2. etsrtonienpa is Eastern Point.
3. rerteusspqseta is St Peters Square.
4. lsevallein is Lanesville.
5. tcsletwgsueroe is West Gloucester.
6. piolnedns is Niles Pond.
7. becahskro is Backshore.
8. hoeaonabfcmlh is Half Moon Beach.
9. raaeposrtgftk is Stage Fort Park.
10. malgaino is Magnolia.

Punchy O Guts- Maine Port Authority Menace!

I asked Punchy for an interview and I’m not sure if she didn’t hear me or if she just plain out hated me.  She just sat down, grunted, and spit something onto the floor a couple feet from her as she sat down and glared.  I can’t wait til Snoop Maddie Mad gets old enough to join the Boston Massacre and kick her ass all over the track, LOL!

What, You Don’t Like Rocks For Dinner?

After the Muskeegee Ducks had enough of Snoop Maddie Mad trying to feed them rocks instead of bird food tthey took off.  Who could blame them? 

Don’t worry though, there were plenty of other birds for Snoop Mad to terrorize later in the day. 

Yesterday morning I had the brilliant idea to take her out on the tennis court to kick a rubber ball around.  Wouldn’t you know daughter number 2 (the one missing the fear gene) took off in a full sprint and wiped out taking a face first header on the cement.  Scraped up and bleeding wouldn’t you know she was up and at ’em minutes later wanting to kick that ball around some more.  She’s a maniac and I fear what I’m in for as she gets older.

What, You Don’t Like Rocks For Dinner?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Gloucester Places Word Scramble

Try it now. I split up the words. Here ya go, Hedge!

Unscramble the words below:

1. kroyc knec________________ (2 words)

2. etserna niotp________________(2 words)

3. ts repster raqsue________________(3 words)

4. lsevallein________________(1 word)

5. sewt lotserugec________________(2 words)

6. selin dopn________________(2 words)

7. becahskro________________(1 word)

8. lafh onmo acheb________________(3 words)

9. asegt trof krap________________(3 words)

10. malgaino________________(1 word)

Good luck!