Chickity Check It! GoodMorningGloucester In The Media

Here’s coverage of our coverage-

Who else wants to see a bunch of broads rolling around on skates at high speed trying to take each other’s heads off?

Besides me that is, lol.

Dames interviewed on GoodMorningGloucester

Sure there was other press there. Sure they had fancier cameras with big huge ginormous lenses and fancy flash set ups. Ya think they got the in depth personal interviews that we did?

Hell no. These shmoes are content taking pictures from 50 feet while we get up close and personal for the personal side of things.

Maybe they take nicer pictures from a thousand feet away but I’ll tell you what. I’ll take my video and interviewing skills and put them up against anyone. So go ahead all you photographers out there, stay back at a safe distance while we here at GMG get you inside the action down on the floor and in the subjects grill.

That’s what I’m talkin ’bout sucka!

Ask Fevah, she’ll tell ya who got the scoop!


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