Gravestone in Backyard

dsc_5545We’ve been doing some research on this small gravestone in our rental property on Wall St. It has it’s own raised up plot with a wall surrounding the built-up area. And it’s level with the kitchen window, so every morning we’re face to face with Maria.

We’ve asked the landlord and he thinks it may have been a pet, but pets don’t usually have first and last names or live for 85 or so years.

The engraving is somewhat difficult to read unless the light is just right. What I think it says is “Maria Niemi    y26-6-1842     t 3-9-1927”

We’re  curious  as to who she was and  the history behind the gravestone.

Anyone have any ideas or where we might look to find out?

At least we’d know who’s peeking in the window!     —-Sharon



  • Oh geez! That’s creepy. 🙂


  • I swear she moves things around the house.
    (especially my keys!) 🙂


  • I presume you’ve checked the death records at City Hall? If you drew a blank there, try the state Dept of Public Health office of vital statistics.


  • Thanks Jerry! If I find anything, I’ll post it here!


  • On I found the following information, which is probably your Maria, although her name is anglicized on the census record, which was quite common for immigrants and census takers to do:

    1900 US Census,
    Mary Niemi
    Age 58
    B/D May 1842
    Birthplace: Finland
    Parents birthplace: Finland
    Immigration year: 1894
    Residence: Rockport Town, (Northern part), MA
    Mother of 5 living children, 10 births
    Spouse’s name: Jacob Niemi aka George Niemi (also common to anglicize first names)
    Married 1862
    Three Finnish boarders also lived with them at the time: Jacob Maki age 38, Oscar Pura age 32, and Elias Hanpinnen. It was common to have boarders in the old days after the kids left.


  • Thanks so much, Elizabeth, for that information. Now we just have to find out why the gravestone is here on Wall St. We’re guessing that she’s not buried here, but until we find out for sure, it’s a little unnerving.


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