Debara Hafemann Seaglass and Watercolors At Local Colors

Debara uses bits of Sea Glass that she finds on the Shores of Gloucester and combines them with her watercolors to create unique pieces that always have a little bit of Gloucester in them no matter where you may hang them.


  • I’m dying… I need one.. I must have one

    and my birthday is coming up


  • Debara’s work – each piece a world unto itself – is fresh, original, and reasonably priced!
    Her handmade cards, also, are just lovely and each one is an original work of art that one can take home or send to a friend.
    Check out the Local Colors website
    at What a lift from the hum-drum!
    I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I want to buy something made by “the locals” – not made in China or India or anywhere else.
    Local Colors is Gloucester’s answer to that dilemma for visitors.
    Thank you Joe for this delightful interview!


  • I would like to be on your email list about upcoming events


  • I purchased a small, framed photograph of yours in Gloucester last summer. It brings me great joy whenever I look at it. I just moved it to another wall and found your business card attached to the back–so I decided to say “Hello and thank you.”


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