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Passports Seafood Mariscos

I’m not one to mix up my seafood in one dish.  If I’m gonna have shrimp in my pasta, I don’t want lobster in there too.  If I’m gonna have lobster newburg I only want lobster, not scallops too.

I’m crazy like that though.  I know plenty of friends of mine that when we go to Passports  have to get this dish every time.

Passports Seafood Mariscos, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Dillon, Assistant Brewer At Cape Ann Brewing

Here is Dillon, the assistant Brewer and manager of the front of the house at Cape Ann Brewing in Fort Square.  Not often do you see bar managers wearing rubber boots, but when said bar manager is actually producing the beer you are about to consume it all makes sense.

Looking For Old Yearbook Photos For These Pages

If anyone has any old GHS yearbooks, I would love for you to send in any up close pictures of interesting local people for posting on these pages.

Preferably people that many of us would know or GMG readers.

This could be a regular GMG feature.  If you have any and would like to contribute, leave a comment on this post with your email address.  I have to approve all comments so don’t worry I won’t post the comment you leave me with your email address in it, it would just be so that I could contact you on where to send in the digital yearbook photos.

Debara Hafemann Seaglass and Watercolors At Local Colors

Debara uses bits of Sea Glass that she finds on the Shores of Gloucester and combines them with her watercolors to create unique pieces that always have a little bit of Gloucester in them no matter where you may hang them.

Gravestone in Backyard

dsc_5545We’ve been doing some research on this small gravestone in our rental property on Wall St. It has it’s own raised up plot with a wall surrounding the built-up area. And it’s level with the kitchen window, so every morning we’re face to face with Maria.

We’ve asked the landlord and he thinks it may have been a pet, but pets don’t usually have first and last names or live for 85 or so years.

The engraving is somewhat difficult to read unless the light is just right. What I think it says is “Maria Niemi    y26-6-1842     t 3-9-1927”

We’re  curious  as to who she was and  the history behind the gravestone.

Anyone have any ideas or where we might look to find out?

At least we’d know who’s peeking in the window!     —-Sharon


Flapping like a Haddock

yellow-fishI’m adding new info to Flapping like a Haddock all the time. Please feel free to send me updates and things that are happening for families around the Cape.

Each week I look through the Times and Beacon for activities to keep kids busy and occupied. I’m especially looking for low or no cost fun things that families can share together. Please  send me your upcoming or on-going family oriented stuff to do, suggestions,  or interesting articles.

And remember to start FLAPPING LIKE A HADDOCK!

Thanks!!   —Sharonsmiley-hat1