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Oscar Best Picture Poll

Just for fun! Tim Oakes

tim-oakesI met Tim several years ago when he was announcing the International Dory Races . He has a million little kids who are always on the beach cheering on Daddy in the seine boat races during Fiesta! Here’s more about those races and why he’s smiling in this photo.  —Sharon

Blynman Canal Bridgehouse Span Position Indicator

Blynman Canal Bridgehouse, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

This is on the huge old control board at the Cut Bridge.  Video will be coming up in a couple hours.   I’ll be releasing the pictures from inside the Control House all week long.

GLoucester Gas Prices Feature Video

For those of you that don’t already know, I added a widget in the bottom right section of the page in which you can check out local gas prices.  If you scroll down the right hand column of the blog you can see it.

For a video demonstration of how this widget works click this text

Blynman Canal Bridgehouse

Mike Lindberg sent in a suggestion that he would like to see the inside of the Blynman Bridge Control House.

Blynman Canal Bridgehouse, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

That was a fantastic idea!  How many of us have driven past the Cut Bridge Control House all our lives but never been privy to the inside equipment and people that run it.
Check out how old and beautiful that control board is. Classic!
I had a “Wizard of Oz” moment after stepping inside for my interview and forthcoming video series with Steve Lake- “The Wizard” who was kind enough to let me in and show us around.

You asked- GMG Delivers Baby!

Look for the first part of the video series tomorrow morning.

Outstanding Reader Feedback Idea From Rob Hall

Rob Hall sent in this great suggestion-

How about this for an idea… A day in the life of Gloucester.
Pick a day, and have all of your readers send in a photo showing what they did in Gloucester that day. You would get an interesting cross section of different people and events.

I say………….. LETS DO IT!!!!!!!


I’d like to take it even further.   For those of you that have a little time on your hands today, grab your digital camera and you have two options-

Option 1. Take one picture to represent a day in your life (today) and submit it for part of  “A Day In The Life In Gloucester Slideshow” with everyone else that submits one.

Option 2. Take a bunch of pictures throughout your day (today) and send em in to me and I’ll put them into your very own slideshow featuring your day apart from the group slideshow.

Who’s in?

So you can take one pic and send it in or you could take a pic of each different part of your day and send it in.  If you take the first option you will be part of the slideshow  “A Day In The Life In Gloucester” if you take the second option I’ll put your group of pictures throughout the day that you take and put them into your own slideshow.

What should you take pictures of you ask?

Whatever you would like-a family photo eating breakfast,a beautiful industry photo, a Gloucester Door photo, something that’s important to you photo, a pic of your favorite spot in Gloucester, you could be in the pic, you could take a picture of a downtown scene, a scene up in dogtown, whatever.

*No nekkid pics please

This should be fun!

Thanks to Rob Hall for the suggestion.