Gloucester Timelapse Video From Mike Lindberg

Mike has been making some great contributions to GMG that I’m very appreciative of!

Check this out by clicking the picture-

[ ?posts_id=1804457&dest=-1]


  • This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen since the paint factory series keep em coming………….FRANK


  • Astounding! Mike is incredibly talented in so many ways. Every time I see what he’s done or listen to his music, he amazes me! Keep doing what you do, Mike! —Sharon


  • This is totally freaking awsome.


  • Thanks all. I am looking forward to posting even more unique media files in the future.


  • That’s good stuff. Keep it up!

    Mike (and others), you might be interested in checking out the work of Keith Loutit from Australia ( The first one of his I watched was “The North Wind Blew South”, but they’re all amazing.

    He uses a “tilt-shift” lens on his camera when making timelapses. The special lens alters the depth of field in different parts of the image, which causes the footage to appear like it was actually shots of miniatures (like the old Thunderbirds TV show), not real life.

    It seems like he gets a better effect when shooting from up high, but some of his shots are from down low.

    I have no idea what a Tilt-Shift lens would cost, but that would sure put an interesting angle (pun intended) on some shots. I’m imagining boats waiting for the cut to open, a lobsterboat going pot to pot, pleasureboats piling up at Wingaersheek, and lots and lots more.


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