Robin Jean- Phil Bolger Boat Design Pics By Paul Frontiero

When looking at the boat what I notice is that the deck of the boats is really deep, it seems lower than waterline.  There are no scuppers that I can see.  I wonder how they clean the deck and get the water and fish guts out?  Also if it took on water from a rogue wave how would it clear itself of the water?

Interesting.  There must be some type of system to clear the water.  Maybe they rely on pumps to pump the water overboard.


  • I don’t know much about boats, but there did’nt seem to be any way to pump out the water that would get into that small bathtub shaped work area.
    Also there seems to be a lot of wasted space with the outboard mounted so far into the boat. Would’nt want to be working in there when it gets broadsided by a wave of any size.
    Will the USCG Approve this as a commercial vessel? I like your idea of going with the Banana scheme, bright yellow with a black stripe. What could we call it? Banana Creamed?


  • There are no pumps, there is no way to get the water out. Interesting looking, but certainly not practical or seaworthy.


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