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GMG Q&A- Mary Kay Filos

Happy New Year. Hope you and your family are well ☺ -mk

How long have you lived in Gloucester?

38 years. – Summered in Gtown since born (1971) – Lived full time off/on for 25 years

 What is your favorite season In Gloucester?

Fall (really late summer/early fall)

Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?

Yes, but it wouldn’t be secret if I told you ,-)

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?


What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?

Mike’s Place

What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?

The Franklin !!!!!!

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester?


What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?


In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?


Who is your favorite local artist?

Emile Gruppe (although not sure he qualifies as “local” for purpose if this question???)

Which is your favorite local beach?

Come one….. Good Harbor. Are there any others?

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog?


Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder?


What were your thoughts on The Downtown Block Parties last year?

They rocked – we should have one every Saturday night from Memorial Day to Labor Day

What is your favorite local band?

Groove Therapy.

Old Time Gloucester


Dogtown is an area in central Gloucester of about five square miles, or 3600 acres, stretching from the Riverdale section of the city, north of Route 128, into Rockport, and including the Goose Cove and the Babson Reservoirs.

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And here to read about Gloucester’s  folklore,  superstitions, and legends. Note: This article  was published by Proctor Brothers Publishing Company which was located where Passports is today.