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Where Zat? #10

Where Zat?

Last week’s winner Adam won a $20 gift certificate from Audrey’s Flower Shop when he identified the location as Walker Creek in West Gloucester. Nice job, Adam!

The prize this week is a $20 gift certificate from Susan Emerson at Gloucester Music on Main St. Great place to find just what you need in music. Many instruments, too! Thanks, Susan!

Hope this one’s tough enough, Joey!                      —–Sharon

Fish Pier Rumble

If your squeamish about blood, guts, and warfare, don’t venture down to the State Fish Pier when the guys are mending their nets.  I witnessed head-butts, slaps, screaming. Two were dead. Eyeballs poked out. The cannibals devoured the innards. And not a cop in sight! Couldn’t show the victims – too gruesome  The perpetrators in action….

Scene #1

Scene #2

Scene #3