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The Hermit of Ravenswood

hermit-of-ravenswoodBIRD CALLS PUNCTUATE THE AIR WHILE THE HUM OF A bee provides a soothing song. Only the train whistle permeates the serenity of Ravenswood Park, much the way it must have done for the “Hermit of Gloucester” a century ago. Mason Walton — the Hermit — hardly needed the distant reminder of another world. The world came to him……

Click here for the interesting story of Mason Walton

It is Jeff Worthley!


You all got the right answer, so I guess I’ll have to make it more difficult next time! This was  “Rock The Vote” at Capt. Carlo’s in Nov. of 2005. Jeff was bangin’ on the keys, and that’s  Mike Chipperini on the harp in the background. Nice shirt, Jeff!