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Scott At Joke Shop USA

Here is Scott the owner of Joke Shop USA which is located next to The Lone Gull in beautiful downtown Gloucester.  I got three great video clips of interview with Scott and halfway through the fourth clip Scott was performing a magic trick for us and I ran out of memory space on the camera.  The trick blew me away though and I have absolutely no idea how he pulled it off.   Stop by and ask him to perform a trick for you, you’ll be amazed!

Scott At Joke Shop USA, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Ghost Ship

The "Rosalie"

The "Rosalie"

A  couple of summers ago, in the yard of the railways on Rocky Neck, the Rosalie, barnacled and rusted with curtains blowing in the wind, looked ghostly. You almost could feel the spirits within.

Most of us, I suppose, are a little nervous of the sea.  No matter what its smiles may be, we doubt its friendship.”  ~H.M. Tomlinson

Brendan Harlem Art At The Art Haven Art Show

Not only was the event at Cruiseport a buoy auction but it was also an art show.  Here is a beautiful peice by Brendan Harlem.  There’s some serious talent brewing over at Art Haven.


Gloucester’s Joke Shop USA Video

You got a couple of bored out of their mind kids stuck in the house all winter?  Bring em down to Joke Shop USA, right next to The Lone Gull.  Guaranteed laughs and good times ensue.

Click on the picture to view the video

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Brown’s Yacht Yard Marina Bull

See this ginormous forktruck?  It’s called a marina bull(thanks Toby for the correction) and instead of flat forks which we have on our forktruck to move pallets of fish and lobsters around, the marina bull has long round tubes coming off it’s front.   The marina bull is also about triple the size of our forktruck so you can get an idea of the scale of it’s size.   The marina bull is used to manuver smaller boats into the rack storage system at Brown’s where they store boats warehouse style in the racks (you can see Brown’s Rack storage system in front of the marina bull in this shot). 

These marina pulls need to be incredibly heavy especially in the rear end so they can counterbalance the weight of the boat that will be lifted straight out in front on the long tubes.  Note to Peter -you might wanna get the maintenence guy to grease up the chains.

Brown’s Yacht Yard Marina Pull, originally uploaded by captjoe06.