Tom Ring In The Office

Here is Tom Ring sitting across from my desk here in the office.  Tom Fishes for Lou Williams aboard The Orin C but used to fish with Linda Greenlaw, the female skipper from the Perfect Storm.  Tom is one of the great storytellers on the Gloucester waterfront.  Every time he steps foot in the office you can be assured there will be a spectacle.

Tom Ring In The Office, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here is a picture of Tom’s hand-

Fishermen Hands- Tom Ring, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

One comment

  • Good hands. Shows he’s not afraid to work. I wish the hell he’d have showed up when I got my sticker. There’s nothing better(except being out hauling) then listening to fishing and lobstering stories. I could spend all day listening. When I went to Stonington, Maine my friend did a lot of talking to one of the lobstermen there. I never went over to introduce myself to him to talk to him. She said he was awesome to listen to. Lucky for him that I didn’t go over to talk to him because I wouldn’t of let him stop talking…lol…


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