Who Are They Kidding? Phony Environmentalism

These little placards are now in most hotel room bathrooms.  Wouldn’t you have way more respect for them if they just said we want to try to save labor cost and time by not having to wash your dirty towels instead of trying to play the “We care about the environment card”?


  • What! No way! Think about all the energy that goes into pumping and heating the water to wash the towels you haven’t even gotten dirty and then all the toxic cleaners that then go into the watershed to kill or poison the fish that this areas economy depends on. I for one don’t mind reusing my towel once or twice. It’s just common sense. Why waste things?


    • I agree its common sense, I just wish the Hotel that is cranking the neon 24/7 wouldn’t act as if the reason for this is environmentalism as opposed to saving them time and labor.

      It’s insulting is all.


  • Yes it’s contradictory, but at least it’s a start. It would save money to turn the neon sign off or convert to LED too but it’s a bigger $ commitment to change. Hopefully it will eventually cost less for the average business to be more efficient.


  • Joey,

    I complain to my wife about this sign every time we stay at a hotel that has one (she knows it’s coming every time, and loves it I’m sure). From the consumer’s point of view, of course you are doing a small bit for the environment, and I have no problem reusing my towels at a hotel, just like at home.

    But as far as the hotel is concerned, they are strictly making a business decision to help themselves save water/energy/labor costs, and fronting it all with a bogus or semi-bogus concern for the environment.


  • I am all for saving the planet and reuse my towels at home. However, when I am paying hundreds of dollars a night for a hotel room I want a new, clean towel every time I shower.


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