Old School Kicks never Looked Like This

While walking down Lincoln Road and Washington Street in South Beach there were many places selling sneakers like this.

I went in to snap some pictures and the young salesman asked me which pair I wanted to try on.   I told him I wasn’t interested and if the kids were buying these funky sneakers.  He replied that these sneakers were bringing it back “Old School”.  To which I told him that old school kicks never looked like that and in fact if you ever showed up wearing those things you’d get your ass handed to you back in the day.


  • wow, that picture just came up on your blog of the wild colors . your right i would have not made it out of school alive with those on . before i forget do you mind if i put a link to your blog on a web site my wife is having done for her bbq business ? it’s going to be , thunder ranch bbq. she will be working all the rodeo’s and bull riding events in az this coming year. thanks brother i have to go feed the livestock now . shawn


  • maybe the salesman meant pre-school
    like when you were three


  • I don’t even think the Gay kids would wear those


  • Sorry to tell you, but these shoes are all the rage right now for girls in middle and high school. (Not sure about the boys, maybe the brown/black high tops . . .)

    My daughter just bought a pair she could NOT live without. Her father said, “Are you sure about those?” Oh yeah, she was sure alright! They are very ‘Scene’ (look up ‘Scene Kids’) right now! lol!

    Sharon: A mom with kids in the know ; )


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