Old Time Magnolia

The Oceanside Hotel

The Oceanside Hotel

Lisa (Peek) Ramos, in her recently published book, Magnolia, A Brief History, writes about the history of this incredible structure. I remember the night that it burned down in 1958. My dad was a fireman. My grandmother, a fireman’s wife, was a “Sparky”, a spectator at every fire.

We lived on Magnolia Ave. The fire was huge. All that was left was the chimney and one cottage. If you get a chance, get the book. Magnolia’s past is fascinating. —Sharon


  • i recived my t-shirt yesterday (prize) thank’s. i was at lisa’s home a few times when she was writing that book . it’s not just words on paper or facts and dates , that woman put alot of heart and feeling into that book. i have never met anyone so proud of the place she grew up as her. she did a hell of a job on it whille working her job, running her husbands business and watching two boy’s (while good kids) are at that age that they get into everything . pam and i are proud of you lisa and we love ya. shawn and pam


  • I’ve never seen this view. A nice “find”! It seems the photo is flipped horizontally? I remember the night/day that this hotel burned down. We could see the night sky light up from a mile away. We shares that experience as pretty young kids….


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