For Shawn Cromwell-

Coolidge Point from Magnolia Beach

Coolidge Point from Magnolia Beach

When we were kids, we walked every day to the beach. The end toward the landing was the city-owned public beach. You had to walk through a ton of seaweed to get to clear water. Still the same now. When I put my kayak in now, the memories of “Stinky Beach” come right back! —Sharon


  • i think my beagle max would agree with the stinky beach theme, he loved to roll in the seaweed . the more smelly the better ! my wife and i would see a real old man their every saturday morning sitting in the sand , rain , snow or shine smoking a pipe . he would always just say morning young fella. one day my wife asked him what he was doing and he said (my wife loved it here early mornings) he had a tear in his eye. we saw him a few more times then he was gone . we were on the beach one day early morning and my wife started to cry , i asked her what was the matter and she said i’ll bet that nice old man is watching the sunrise with his wife now.


  • That is so sweet. Made me teary-eyed. I’m trying to think who that might be. I love these memories, Shawn!


  • hmmm…wondering if that was Frank Petronzio….how long ago Shawn? Frank was a very short man with a grey beard and twinkling blue eyes.


  • Thanks Dave. That smile, his style, his art, everything the best.


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