Monkfish At The New England Aquarium

Before The Gloucester Seafood Display Auction came along and we were handling fish we would handle tons of monkfish.  The boats would sometimes sell them whole and sometimes cut the tails.  When cutting off the heads they lose over half the weight of the fish but the price would go up a ton.  Some people say that monkfish tastes like lobster.  I think that’s a bunch of bull but hey they gotta sell this ugly sucker somehow.  they have it listed as goosefish on the tag at the aquarium but as long as I’ve been in the fish business I’ve never hearda single person in the industry ever refer to it as a goosefish, even the government reports we had to fill out listed them as monkfish.  Here’s the wikipedia page for monkfish


One comment

  • the first time i ever met a monk fish i was 11 years old working on my grandfathers boat out of fairhaven,ma . i was digging through the pile on deck and stuck my hand right into one of their mouths. OUCH!!! i had to be cut loose , they have rows of sharp teeth. they taste like lobster ? where are they buying their lobster from? well joey to brighten up your day , the wallmart in payson az. (that’s where they sell lobster here) the price as of last night was $12.35 per pound. what’s funny is it’s on the same isle they have horse pellets, pig food and chicken scratch. later brother, say howdy to frank for me .


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