Monthly Subscriber Drive- Spread The Love

Do you enjoy this blog?

Are you one of the people that say they make it part of their routine to check it throughout the day?

Do you have family across the country or world that might enjoy seeing what is happening in Gloucester?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then I ask you to spread the news about the blog. The response and average daily hits have been climbing exponentially thanks to people spreading the word about it.

I ask if you dig what we’re doing here then to copy this url-

Copy (right click and select copy), then paste it in an email (right click and select paste in an email message box) and share it with friends or family that may not know about it.

If you haven’t already, then bookmark the blog so you can easily access it or better yet subscribe (it’s free).

Click here to subscribe by email

It’s been a labor of love and real fun to meet some of the folks on the street that say how much they look forward to the regular updates.

If you think it’s worthy of sharing with others, please do so.

Thanks, Joey


  • I appreciate the effort you put into posting pictures every day. That’s a lot of work.

    And thanks for highlighting Gloucester’s hidden gems. I’ll be trying some of the out for sure.

    I already know about The Last Stop. Their wraps are great and we love to get some and then drive over to Niles Beach and eat them while watching the ocean from the parking lot. We have the best ocean view restaurant right at our feet.

    Keep posting just the way you already are. I’ve subscribed via RSS Feed and I’l always happy to see a new entry when it appears.

    Best wishes from another Gloucester-ite.


  • Paula Ryan O'Brien

    I am not from the Gloucester, but I love it there. I look forward to the blog eveyday. Thanks for all you do Joe.


  • Your blog is wonderful. We visit Gloucester every summer and just love it. We visit your blog daily! Thanks for taking the time to create and maintain such a wonderful web site. Keep it up, we love it! We’re coming to Gloucester in a week (yahoo!!). Where can we buy Captain Joe & Sons shirts?


  • You can get em at The Cormorant Shop on main street along with aprons and some framed puictures! Thanks for the inquiry. 🙂


  • Just recently found your blog while searching for information about the floating houses that could be seen from Rt 128 and the bridge. Can you point me to any info about them? Have you featured them in past blogs and photos that I haven’t read yet? The occupants certainly didn’t have to worry about keeping the lawn cut!

    I enjoy reading your blog every day.


  • I posted a plug for the Spread The Love on my Facebook page.
    Gloucester is my favorite stomping ground – I love day tripping there w/ the kids. It’s so worth the 30 mile ride from Everett.

    Thanks for all the tidbits you post on the GMG blog every day, and the effort you put into keeping it fresh and unusual – you cover a lot of ground!


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