Community Art Project At The Green House

Here is the location on Monte Rome’s Intershell Property that hosted the seARTS community art project during the Partner with an Artist installations.  (the same seARTS project that brought Mark Teiwes’ At The Brink project to Captain Joe’s)

It looks pretty drab right?   Just wait til you see what is inside!  A vibrant collection of paint and ideas which will be displayed on these pages.

The Cape Ann YMCA Teen Leaders and Art Haven collaborated to produce the October 11th community art project at the green house at 54 Commercial Street to transform the interior and exterior of the building. Ben’s Paint Store  generously donated supplies to help the artists. Monte Rome, owner of InterShell is thrilled to have the space used for a community learning and experiential event and hopes to attract more in the future.

Thanks To Emily Sinagra, one of the team that brought this project to life for letting me in to photograph yesterday.

One comment

  • I’m impressed. When I stopped by early in the evening most of this had not happened yet (or at least it wasn’t displayed). It appears that quite a few people took part. How encouraging.


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