Community Art Project At The Green House-A Note From Emily Sinagra

Hi Joey:
It was great to run into you at Alexandra’s. Thanks for taking pictures of the art installation project at Intershell which was made possible through a PWA Grant from SeARTS. The purpose of the project was to enable people of all ages to engage in artistic collaboration. The inspiration and literary link for the project was a story by Captain R. Barry Fisher called “The Wharf Rat’s Tale”. About four boys growing up in Gloucester during the Depression. In the story, the boys were given a couple of old Dories and had to salvage bits and pieces to make one of them seaworthy. It is a coming of age story- the boys overcome obstacles and become real “Dorymen” and sail off into the future. It made me start wondering, What do we want to salvage from our past to take us into our future? What is the ‘coming of age’ story for kid’s today? Where are we going as a community? No better way to explore these questions than through art. The event began at 10:00 and lasted all day–there were parents and small children as well as teen agers. All making their mark. Some people came just to observe. So it was an interactive artistic, performance piece. I had a copy of the story on the wall and used pieces of the text as creative prompts. People could do anything they wanted to do. There was was no agenda other than the context of the building and it’s location at 54 Commercial street. I am hoping to display these panels in a more public place soon. Also, to develop other collaborative artistic events, using theater and art, to be performed in non-traditional venues. I think it is especially important that kids have a chance to contribute and demonstrate their vision. It is also important to recognize the support of businesses like Ben’s Paint who donated all the paint and supplies and Intershell who donated the use of the building. THANK YOU!

Emily Sinagra

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