The Mrs’ iPhone Update

I got out of work at 8:10 last night which left me just enough time to get home  so the Mrs could make her 9:00PM appointment at the The North Shore Shopping Center Apple Store.   When you buy an iPhone they include free lessons on how to use it.  They also activate it for you at the store and transfer your existing cell phone number from whichever previous carrier you had your cell phone service through to ATT (the sole cell phone provider for the iPhone).

I had pretty high expectations for this product but they were surpassed when she got home and woke me up to fiddle around with it.  I was surprised she gave it up to let me play with it to be honest.  I tried out the mapping, the youtube app, the safari browser (which I typed a quick comment to GMG on),the weather app, and the clock application all of which worked flawlessly.

The iPhone incredible intuitive and easy to figure out.  There was never a spot where I got “stuck” and quickly figured out how to make a few configuration changes for her.  Things like setting her weather stations for Hamilton and Gloucester, and world clock settings for Boston instead of the factory setting of Cupertino.

I gotta think this thing will be a huge gift for the upcoming Holiday season.  It’s not just a toy, this thing will be incredibly useful and fun.

Needless to say I’m jealous as hell.


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