Dude With Funny Shorts At The Lone Gull 10K

Listen up folks.  If you are a casual runner, and by casual runner I mean not a world class athlete, DON”T WEAR THESE SHORTS!  You’ll look like a tool!

Let’s be honest for a minute.  Do you really think the .000001 seconds in wind resistance speed you might pick up by wearing these ridiculous shorts is going to be worth how silly they make you look?  It’s not like it may make the difference between you getting a Michael Phelps like endorsement deal from the Olympics.  It’s the Lone Gull 10K for cripes sake.

Note:  This is only directed at men.  Hot chicks feel free to wear these at your will.  I doubt anyone minds seeing your ass hang out as you trot along.
Thank you.

One comment

  • Wait, this comment goes here:

    He shaves his back and legs which must knock a huge amount of time off a 10K. (This was linked too. Do I sense a theme here?)


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