Marie Claire Update

The lovely Miss Jana Winter just called to inform me that she was not in fact “blowing smoke up may ass”

(apparently she has been following along the Marie Claire posting and comments from earlier today)

She went on further to say that she was going to do a positive story on Gloucester, not because it’s a noble thing to do or an act of kindness, but because as a journalist, it’s what she believes and what she gets paid to do-  To report on what she experiences.

And what she has experienced while she was here has been fantastic.

She went to Passports last night and got the lobster, BTW.

I mean how could you go wrong there, right?  Especially with Captain Joe & Sons lobster on your plate!

We Rock!


  • Martin Del Vecchio

    Joe, I’m glad that Jana said that, and I hope the article turns out like she says.

    But remember that she’s not in charge of that; her editors are. Let’s hope for the best, and then see what happens.


  • I’m tellin you, I’d find it hard to believe she would let that happen.

    She would have to be a horrible shrew to betray me like that.

    I have a good feeling about this story.


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